We have to detox because we are too high in salts and heavy metals. We function best in a perfect balance 96% Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen and 4% minerals.

A person’s quality of life is fundamentally impacted by the strains of daily life and the intake of nutrients, which largely depend on the functioning of the digestive system. Natural products originating from humic materials are particularly noted for their positive health promoting qualities. In daily life, human health is exposed to increasingly damaging environmental influences as a result of the burden of harmful environmental substances on our bodies, representing an ever more urgent health-endangering problem. Heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury play a particularly large role, as do the residues of environmentally damaging pesticides. Kidney and liver illnesses and impairment of the nervous system, general unwellness, constant physical and mental fatigue, sore limbs, exhaustion, increased predilection to infection as well as depression and sleep disturbances can be subscribed to these burdens.

The human organism is of course capable to a certain extent of breaking down and removing these harmful substances. However, current environmental burdens and lack of unprocessed foods frequently outstrip the self-purging capability of the modern human’s self-defense system.

Toxins can be things like heavy metals, fungal toxins and by-products of bacteria and viruses. When the toxins attach to the intestinal wall, it hinders its ability to shed it’s lining. When the body realises there are unwanted particles, it sends white blood cells to attack the toxins. By this point, the toxins have burrowed into the pores of the inner wall and the white blood cells end up damaging the intestinal wall because they cannot reach the toxin. Those pores are the gateways to the blood stream which can then send the toxins to any part of the body causing further harm.