What is the HCG Diet? Will it work?

HCG is a hormone produced in the hypothalamus gland located near the thyroid gland in your neck. This hormone is responsible for triggering the release of LH (luteinizing hormone) in males this occurs in the testes and in females this occurs in the ovaries, LH then causes the production of testosterone and sperm in men and estrogen in women as well as helping in the process of ovulation.

In this regard HCG is a potent fertility aid for both men and women though it is prescribed mostly for women.  Men who have lowered fertility from using testosterone can very effectively reverse this issue with the use of HCG either after or during their therapy.

Recently there has been a tremendous amount of press and Media Hype around what is being called the HCG diet. this is, for the most part, a scam.

It relies on very low calorie diets to deliver the bulk of the results and while for men there will be some benefit from using doctor prescribed HCG due to a small increase in Testosteron, (HCG->LH->TESTOSTERONE) with testosterone having well documented fat loss properties the person would be far better off to just use testosterone.

The same cannot so universally be said for women ie, HCG –> LH –> Estrogen, while it is true that this could have beneficial fat loss effects for older or post menopausal women in younger women an excess of estrogen will actually cause weight gain and enhance your chances of getting pregnant – which could happen even if on birth control while using HCG and will certainly not help in your weight loss efforts! Even more concerning is the homeopathic drops being passed off as HCG.

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