HCG Drops – do they work?

While these drops will do you no harm this is actually due to the fact that they will do absolutely nothing at all!

Any weight loss experienced will be due to the extremely low calorie diet, and while there is no argument that low calories will result in weight loss the fact is that most of the weight loss experienced from these ultra low calorie diets will be from muscle atrophy not the bum and thigh fat reduction you’re hoping for.  Muscle is active tissue and is closely correlated to metabolism i.e the greater the muscle mass the faster the metabolism, the faster the metabolism the easier it is to lose fat.

By following a diet so low in calories that you lose muscle you actually cause your metabolism to slow down.  Meaning that when the diet is over you will put all the weight back on again only what was once muscle will now be fat!


The following is taken directly from one of these popular Scam websites.

What is Biomazing™ HCG?

Biomazing™ HCG is a professional grade premium weight loss product manufactured in the United States under strict FDA regulations and guidelines. It is a hormone-free product (products containing the actual HCG hormone have been banned by the FDA), formulated for hCG dieters without any tstarches or sugars that can slow your progress during the 3 phases of the hCG diet protocol. It contains amino acids and other ingredients (see label below) that are designed to result in mobilization of fat storage while consuming 500-800 calories per day. While consuming 500-800 calories, your hypothalamus may continue releasing stored fat.

The above is taken directly from the website of one of the most popular vendors of this Scam, it clearly states that their products are hormone free. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a Hormone !!!  Do not waste your money on this product!!!