Interventions to Influence Telomere’s

Anti-Aging Hall of Fame 2017

The inaugural Chase Life Extension Foundation Anti-aging Hall of Fame has just happened in San Diego, USA and we are excited to announce the the 2017 inductees and winners!

The Hall of Fame Awards, which are sponsored by Elixigene Nutraceuticals, announced the very first inductees on stage at the opening night of the RAAD Fest with the Founders of the People Unlimited Inc  James Strole and Bernadeane being inducted as honorary members.  They were presented the awards by Rachael D’Aguiar, Founder and Director of Chase Life Extension Foundation.

James and Bernadeane are Life Extension activists and have together been advocating and promoting indefinite life spans for many decades.

James Strole has spoken around the world and written on radical life extension for over four decades and co-authored the book ‘Living Without Death’. He has appeared on numerous TV shows both domestically and abroad, including the Larry King Live Show.

Bernadeane has also spoken and written on radical life extension for over four decades, for audiences in 26 countries. Her speaking style is fiery and focused, challenging conventional limited thinking with visionary insight and common sense honesty. With James Strole, she co-authored of Living Without Death and has appeared on many TV and radio shows.

In 2016, James and Bernadeane launched RAAD Fest (Revolution Against Aging and Death) creating a unique event that has brought together leading scientists, philosophers, scientific engineers and researchers from around the globe.  The event which was held in San Diego 2016 and 2017 allowed the general public to get up close and interact with the people leading the way in their research, from Cancer and stem cell therapies to telomere research and brain uploading.  Never has an event been created where so many people from so many fields come together to share experiences and break through research.  At Chase Life Extension Foundation we think that was worth acknowledging by choosing James and Bernadeane to be the very first inductees.

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In addition to the announcement on James Strole and Bernadeane, Chase Life Extension Foundation also ran a “People’s Choice” award, allowing members of the event to vote for the person they felt contributed most to the Anti-Aging industry.

We are please to announce that Bill Faloon was the winner of the Chase Life Extension Foundation “People’s Choice Award”.

Congratulations Bill on receiving the People’s Choice Award and being inducted into the Chase Life Extension Anti-aging Hall of Fame in it’s inaugural year, 2017.

When Bill Faloon established the Life Extension Foundation in 1980 to raise awareness about the importance of anti-aging research he admits he had no idea what he was in for! Very few people in 1980 thought that intervention into biological aging was possible and many questioned interfering with nature. Bill, we thank you for your courage and commitment to building a Life Extension movement and for your continued contribution to our industry.

Chase Life Extension Foundation and our sponsors, Elixigene, were humbled by the response to these awards and would like to thank you for your support and voting power to make this award possible. We all do what we do because of the support of enlightened people like you, truly.

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Humans Have Taken Control of Evolution

Nature can in many ways be defined as a biological warfare, with the predator – prey relationship constantly evolving through time in order for one to outwit the other in order to either escape death, or to catch their next meal. If either becomes too efficient at what they do then one or both can face extinction.

Humans have however developed brains powerful enough to take control of evolution itself, the first species on Earth to be able to do so. Keep reading to find out how this relates to ageing…

This excerpt is taken from Dr. Bill Andrews Book “Curing Aging”.  Click here to download a FREE excerpt from Dr. Bill Andrews book

Every species must constantly adapt. If a lion becomes faster, its prey must develop new defenses, such as camouflage or defensive weapons like horns, or armour plating like a turtles shell. Then the lion must evolve ways to overcome those defenses, lest it starve.

It’s easy to see why a lion needs an aging process. If lions were immortal, their prey would be evolving – and they would not. Over thousands of years the lions prey would become harder and harder to catch. Eventually it would become impossible and the lion would starve. Paradoxically the genes for long-lived individuals would guarantee a short lived species. And the genes for immortality would die off with that species.

You might be thinking, why does the lions prey need an aging process. Presumably a Gazelle would eventually be killed by a predator meaning it would be replaced by off-spring. Obviously the Gazelle isn’t mortal out of some genetic sympathy for the lion!

The problem is that without an aging process its more likely the Gazelle would replace its own off-spring, rather than it’s off-spring replacing it. An immortal Gazelle would most likely out-compete its off-spring from being able to survive because it is more experienced.

In order for a younger Gazelle to survive, nature must make the mature one step aside. And in reality nature does just that by making the more mature Gazelle weaker, frailer, more susceptible to disease. In other words, it ages!

Following this line of thought it becomes clear that aging isn’t an accident, it’s an inevitability programmed in to our bodies as a survival advantage against other species that would compete with us.

BUT, humanity no longer needs this tool. We are not locked in a daily struggle for survival against mother nature. We grow, we raise, breed and even genetically engineer our own food. Our crops are not going to become inedible because of a failure to continue to evolve the ability to digest them. Our live stock are not going to spontaneously learn how to defend themselves.

Humans are the first species on Earth that have developed brains powerful enough to take control of our environments – which means we are winning a war against evolution. We have in fact taken control of evolution. We domestic plants and animals to be favourable to us, we create tools that serve as “workarounds” for physical shortcomings, from eyeglasses to footware to vaccines.

Aging is like a biological weapon, but now its safe to disarm it in order to prevent needless and debilitating deaths.

If you would like to know more about the mechanism of aging ‘Telomere shortening’, click here to check out this video explanation from Dr. Bill Andrews PhD himself.

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Cayla shares her incredible experience since using Rewind IGF-1

Recently we received this amazing email from Cayla in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.  Cayla has become a part of a long list of thousands of happy Rewind IGF-1 customers experiencing benefits like this. It makes the team at Chase Life Extension Foundation incredibly happy to hear stories like this, so if you have had a similar experience then please feel free to share with us!  Here is what Cayla says word for word in her email to us…

“For 6 years, I have been suffering through the chronic pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia. Low energy, debilitating pain, brain fog, depression, social isolation and exercise intolerance among the many other ongoing and over lapping symptoms. This condition was having unbearable effects on mine and my fiancées day to day life. Prompting a career change for us both as a result of unnecessary stress on our relationship and a heavy reliance on him.

Over this time, we have spent huge amounts of time and money visiting numerous doctors, naturopaths and physios and have tried every possible treatment under the sun. All of this, with no significant reduction in and pain and have been left frustrated, out of pocket, and rapidly developing depression symptoms.

I had no expectation of results from this product, as everything I had tried had left me disappointed. I have been taking Rewind IGF-1 for three months.

By day two, I noticed a significant difference! During the first month, I noticed that my exercise tolerance increased and I was able to increase my walking, pilates and introduce running with next to no additional pain. My energy levels have improved immensely and I am able to do the activities I enjoy. I wake in the morning feeling agile and energized and full of life!

After the first month, I stopped taking Rewind IGF-1 for two weeks. Within these two weeks, I had increased symptoms, pain, fatigue and irritability. It also affected my ability to carry on with my exercise which we all know is a key part to a healthy body and mind. By the end of those two weeks, I had all my previous symptoms back and knew I had to get my hands back on Rewind IGF-1. Again, after only two days, I noticed most of my symptoms disperse and have not had to look back since.

Rewind IGF-1 has completely transformed my life, my relationship and my goals for the future. My symptoms are minimal and manageable and I have gone from thinking that I have a lifelong and debilitating condition to feeling happy positive, easy going and stress free. I am a changed woman! I will take this product for the rest of my life and will recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone suffering with similar symptoms!”

Cayla, 27


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“Always read the label and take as directed”

HCG Drops – do they work?

While these drops will do you no harm this is actually due to the fact that they will do absolutely nothing at all!

Any weight loss experienced will be due to the extremely low calorie diet, and while there is no argument that low calories will result in weight loss the fact is that most of the weight loss experienced from these ultra low calorie diets will be from muscle atrophy not the bum and thigh fat reduction you’re hoping for.  Muscle is active tissue and is closely correlated to metabolism i.e the greater the muscle mass the faster the metabolism, the faster the metabolism the easier it is to lose fat.

By following a diet so low in calories that you lose muscle you actually cause your metabolism to slow down.  Meaning that when the diet is over you will put all the weight back on again only what was once muscle will now be fat!


The following is taken directly from one of these popular Scam websites.

What is Biomazing™ HCG?

Biomazing™ HCG is a professional grade premium weight loss product manufactured in the United States under strict FDA regulations and guidelines. It is a hormone-free product (products containing the actual HCG hormone have been banned by the FDA), formulated for hCG dieters without any tstarches or sugars that can slow your progress during the 3 phases of the hCG diet protocol. It contains amino acids and other ingredients (see label below) that are designed to result in mobilization of fat storage while consuming 500-800 calories per day. While consuming 500-800 calories, your hypothalamus may continue releasing stored fat.

The above is taken directly from the website of one of the most popular vendors of this Scam, it clearly states that their products are hormone free. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a Hormone !!!  Do not waste your money on this product!!!

What is the HCG Diet? Will it work?

HCG is a hormone produced in the hypothalamus gland located near the thyroid gland in your neck. This hormone is responsible for triggering the release of LH (luteinizing hormone) in males this occurs in the testes and in females this occurs in the ovaries, LH then causes the production of testosterone and sperm in men and estrogen in women as well as helping in the process of ovulation.

In this regard HCG is a potent fertility aid for both men and women though it is prescribed mostly for women.  Men who have lowered fertility from using testosterone can very effectively reverse this issue with the use of HCG either after or during their therapy.

Recently there has been a tremendous amount of press and Media Hype around what is being called the HCG diet. this is, for the most part, a scam.

It relies on very low calorie diets to deliver the bulk of the results and while for men there will be some benefit from using doctor prescribed HCG due to a small increase in Testosteron, (HCG->LH->TESTOSTERONE) with testosterone having well documented fat loss properties the person would be far better off to just use testosterone.

The same cannot so universally be said for women ie, HCG –> LH –> Estrogen, while it is true that this could have beneficial fat loss effects for older or post menopausal women in younger women an excess of estrogen will actually cause weight gain and enhance your chances of getting pregnant – which could happen even if on birth control while using HCG and will certainly not help in your weight loss efforts! Even more concerning is the homeopathic drops being passed off as HCG.

Anti-oxidants – The Real Truth

What I’m about to say will not be very popular, the truth often is not but use your intelligence and make up your own mind before you spend more money on anti-oxidants.

For 50 years, it’s been thought that oxidative stress was a leading cause of chronic disease and aging. Oxidative stress, it was said, occurs when “superoxide” free radicals — toxic oxygen molecules produced by normal body processes but also via external sources like stress and pollution — spiral out of control and cause molecular damage.

Countless anti-aging products and diets have been created based on the theory of oxidative stress — and the notion that antioxidants could counteract some of the damage.

Now researchers at the Institute of Healthy aging at UCL (University College London) have found that the theory may not be right after all.

“It Just Doesn’t Stand Up to the Evidence”

In the study, published in the journal Genes & Development, Dr. David Gems and colleagues manipulated certain genes in worms in order to control their ability to “mop up” surplus superoxide free radicals and limit damage caused by oxidation. They found that the lifespan of the worms was relatively unaffected by their ability to get rid of free radicals.

“The fact is that we don’t understand much about the fundamental mechanisms of aging,” Dr. Gems said in Science Daily. “The free radical theory of aging has filled a knowledge vacuum for over 50 years now, but it just doesn’t stand up to the evidence.”

The implication is, then, that if oxidative stress is not a major cause of aging, then antioxidants would not play a major role in preventing the aging process.

“A healthy, balanced diet is very important for reducing the risk of developing many diseases associated with old age, such as cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis,” Dr. Gems told Science Daily. “But there is no clear evidence that dietary antioxidants can slow or prevent aging. There is even less evidence to support the claims of most anti-aging products.”

If free radicals don’t play a role, then what IS the cause of aging?

“One of the hallmarks of aging is the accumulation of molecular damage, but what causes this damage?” says Dr. Gems. “It’s clear that if superoxide is involved, it only plays a small part in the story. Oxidative damage is clearly not a universal, major driver of the aging process. It is pretty well accepted among the scientific community that the mechanism that drives aging is telomere shortening. At the ends of our DNA are repeating sequences of redundant nucleotides called telomeres, every time our cells divide these strands shorten until finally they are too shorts to maintain the chromosome and the cell senses and dies. While we don’t have a cure for aging, we’re working on it!  In the mean time we do know that supporting healthy hormone levels is useful in the natural aging process.

Think about it. It doesn’t make any sense at all oxidative stress is caused by oxygen so it would logically follow that the more oxygen we use up the faster we would age, right? Is that right? Do we see that athletes tend to age faster than everyone else? Of course not, in fact the opposite seems truer. Would the healthiest thing we could possibly do be to just sit around not breathing much? Maybe if we cut our oxygen even more by smoking? Surely using the oxidative stress model of aging that would add years to our lives wouldn’t it? And if we could manipulate the speed at which we age by something as variable as our levels of anti-oxidants then surely there would be a huge difference in the rate that people age but the fact is there simply is not.

The reason this ridiculous theory emerged in the first place is that all the experiments done on oxidative stress were, like most science, done on mice, now mice don’t have the inbuilt ability to deal with free radicles that humans possess and in humans our ability to deal with free radicles increases with exercise which is why we get healthier rather than unhealthier when we exercise, make sense? Back to the poor mice, almost all mice eventually die from cancer caused by free radicles due to oxidative stress so it makes a lot of sense to make sure that your diet is full of antioxidants and to take a good anti-oxidant supplement daily. IF YOU ARE A MOUSE! If not do some exercise and save your money for something that might actually have some benefit.


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