Why is Rewind a Sublingual Lozenge?

The reason why people feel the effects of Rewind so fast is because of our unique delivery method.  Rewind is a sublingual lozenge.  That simply means that you pop it under your tongue and let it dissolve which takes about 5 – 10 mins.

By taking IGF-1 as a sub-lingual lozenge it means that you get the full benefits of the IGF-1 because it goes straight in to your system.  IGF-1 is a protein, so if you swallow it, then it will be destroyed in your gut and you won’t get any of the amazing benefits.  So if you are currently taking a collagen or deer velvet capsule, then I am afraid you are being duped because they are also proteins and won’t work if swallowed.

So in essence, that is Rewinds point of difference.  We provide you with a supplement that really does supplement your body with what it needs.

And the Rewind IGF-1 lozenge is 100% natural.  Sweetened with stevia, gluten free and tastes yummy.  We recommend you pop it under your tongue in the morning before getting in the shower, or while travelling to work.