Where does Rewind’s IGF-1 come from?

In our bodies we produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH) naturally in our pituitary gland.  The HGH is then converted in to IGF-1 in our liver and research shows that it is the IGF-1 that is the secret behind the healing and rejuvenating properties we experience.  HGH production also declines in our body as we age, hence the reason why our IGF-1 levels decline.

For many years celebrities and elite sports athletes took HGH believing this was the reason behind why they were feeling and looking better.  And in some way it was because their increased HGH levels led to an increase in their IGF-1 levels when it was converted in the liver.

However, there are some negative associations with increasing your HGH levels.  So Rewind has solved that problem!

Essentially, Rewind bypasses the pituitary gland and elevates your IGF-1 levels without having to increase HGH in your body.

Rewind gets its IGF-1 from a 100% natural source in the South Island of New Zealand.  Our scientist has developed a proprietary method for extracting the IGF-1 from Red Stag Deer Antler (don’t worry, the deers are not harmed).  No other scientist in the world has been able to figure out the methods that leave the very delicate IGF-1 structure in its youth matrix in tact.  We call it ‘Kiwi Ingenuity!’

Once we have extracted the good stuff (The IGF-1) from the antler, what’s left over is the bi-product or off-cuts that other companies sell as Deer Velvet capsules.  There are minimal traces of IGF-1 in deer velvet, however as mentioned earlier, any IGF-1 left in the velvet would be destroyed in the gut when it is swallowed.

The IGF-1 we extract from the deer antler is also bio-identical to the IGF-1 we produce in our own bodies, so you don’t have to worry about putting any alien substances in your body.
And because the IGF-1 in Rewind is bio-identical to what we already produce in our body, there are no known contra-indications to medication.  However we do always advise that you consult with your GP first.