The Benefits of Bio-identical

If you are feeling some of the symptoms of ageing like low energy, poor immune system, sore joints, poor sleep, high blood pressure and so on then it may just be that you need to get your body back in to balance.  It’s quite hard to face some of the challenges of life when you are hormonally depressed.  So having balanced hormones can keep your body in check.

For many, supplementing your body with a synthetic hormone product is a scary prospect. Whilst there are many synthetic compounds available that are very effective in treating symptoms of ageing, many people these days turn to bio-identical hormones as a more natural way to keep their body balanced.

So, what exactly does bio-identical mean? The Endocrine Society defines bio-identical hormones as “compounds that have exactly the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones that are produced in the human body.”

Rewind IGF-1 is a great example of a natural bio-identical hormone supplement.  The IGF-1 (insulin growth factor-1) in Rewind is from a 100% natural source.

Our chief scientist developed a proprietary extraction method to get the IGF-1 from New Zealand Red Stag Deer (no deer are harmed in the process).  We extract the bio-identical IGF-1 out of the deer antler, the left over’s are sold as deer velvet products. We’ve even had our world leading molecular biologist, Dr. Bill Andrews, look at our IGF-1 structure compared to what is produced in the body and they are identical.  So you can be guaranteed that what you are putting in your body is nothing alien and there are no known contra-indications.

There are many people in the public eye who advocate bio-identical hormones, probably the most notable being Susan Somers.  When Susan was diagnosed with cancer her strong belief was that an environment of balanced hormones would help her to fight the disease or in the case of others help to prevent it.  This was opposed to treatments like chemotherapy, which she believes does kill cancer cells, but also takes away your immune system and your bodies hormones.

So her approach to cancer was to “build up” and have such a strong immune system that it helped prevent a life threatening illness getting past.  Needless to say Susan Somers is still a happy and vibrant person and a strong advocate of going bio-identical.

So when looking to build up a strong immune system, going bio-identical with Rewind IGF-1 is a very good option to consider.  IGF-1 is known as the master hormone, responsible for helping us feel good and look good! By raising your IGF-1 levels to where they were in your 20’s you are not only giving your immune system support, but also improving cardiovascular health, supporting mental clarity and mood, memory, thickening your skin, healthy hair and nail growth, reducing stress and increasing energy.

As always, we advise our Rewind customers to do their research and seek medical advice to help with the decision to go bio-identical. Thousands of Rewind customers haven’t been disappointed, and we are sure you won’t be either!  Plus there is a 30 day money back guarantee – so there’s no risk to you!