It’s easy to wonder – where did all that energy go? We make small adjustments for our lack of energy until one day we wake up and realise we are living a very different life to the one we loved.

By supporting healthy hormone levels you may feel like the old you again.

Weight Management

Research shows that endogenous IGF-1 supports the body’s natural fat-burning processes and supports healthy muscle tone.

Cardiovascular Health

Naturally occurring IGF-1 as in Rewind is able to support heart health and normal cholesterol levels. Furthermore it is a well known fact that having the energy levels to live a healthy active lifestyle has a tremendous benefit to cardiovascular health.

Joint and Mobility

Rewind helps keep bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage healthy. Because Rewind supports healthy youthful hormone levels it in turn support your joint mobility.


We tend not to like our appearance as much we get older. Your skin has lost elasticity, your oil production slows, your collagen doesn’t replenish like it used to, your skin looks thin, creased, dry and lack luster. Rewind can help revitalise the appearance of your skin so you feel good about it again.

Sleep / Stress / Mood

Rewind supports healthy youthful IGF-1 levels so it can help support mood, concentration and restful sleep.

Rewind is a 100% natural, 100% New Zealand made IGF-1 Supplement.  IGF-1 stands for Insulin-like Growth Factor 1.

We produce IGF-1 naturally in our liver, however when we reach our mid/late 20’s the amount that we produce begins to gradually decline as we age.

IGF-1 deficiency is attributed to many symptoms of ageing from loss of mental clarity, low energy and poor sleep to aching joints and bones, poor cardiovascular health and blood pressure problems.  The list goes on…

Rewind brings your IGF-1 level back to where it would have been in your twenties, not only making you feel younger but making you appear more youthful too.

Thousands of customers tell us shortly after starting that the first things Rewind IGF-1 helps support are mental clarity and mood, energy, stress management and REM sleep. In fact, and they are amazed that they are feeling results so quickly compared to other supplements they have used.

Then within the first few months most notice Rewind supports their immune system, cardiovascular health, joint mobility and bones, skin elasticity and thickness, fat burning and libido. Even though you will experience relatively fast effects using Rewind, it will take around 6 months to get the full benefits of having your IGF-1 levels maintained at a level they were at in your twenties.

And not only does Rewind bring your IGF-1 back to its optimum levels, but they call IGF-1 the ‘master hormone’ so it also helps to bring up all your bodies good hormone levels back to their optimum levels too.