RAAD Fest 2017 – Rachael D’Aguiar Opening Speaker

New Zealand Beauty Industry guru and One Truth 818 serum creator Rachael D’Aguiar is set to share the stage for the second year running, with some of the world’s most highly regarded scientists, futurists, and health experts at the RAAD Festival in San Diego from August 9-13, 2017.

Rachael and her husband Chris who are founders of Chase Life Extension Foundation have both been invited to appear on stage with the event expected to attract up to 3000 attendees from the scientific community, general public and media. They are the only speakers to have been invited from their home country New Zealand.


RAAD Fest (Revolution Against Aging & Death Festival) is the world’s largest gathering of ‘Life Extension’ and Anti-aging enthusiasts ever.  If you are interested in knowing the most up to date scientific research in to any aspect of life extension then this event is a must to attend!  Not only are these scientists and health experts at the forefront of their particular area of research, but they are also very approachable.  They remain at the event for the duration of the 5 days and are able to speak direct with you.

From the mainstream Life Extension research to what could be perceived as something you would see in a Sci-Fi film, scientific research in to cancer and other age-related ailments, to ground-breaking work in the field of gene therapy to brain uploading, cryogenics and Trans-humanism.  Speakers such as Suzanne Somers (Bio-identical hormone balance advocate), Dr. Terry Grossman (Heart disease and cancer expert), Dr. Kristen Comella (US Stem Cell), Aubrey De Grey (Biomedical Gerontologist), Liz Parrish (Gene Therapy Pioneer) and our very own Rachael D’Aguiar (Telomere Skincare expert).

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Building on the success of the inaugural 2016 RAAD Fest last year, RAAD Fest 2017 will be even bigger, more inspiring, and more informative on the very latest developments in super longevity. RAAD Fest combines cutting edge science presented for a lay audience, with the energy, entertainment and fun of a festival, and the empowerment of personal development, making it the largest most comprehensive and inclusive radical life extension event in the world.

In addition to cutting edge information, RAADfest will provide inspiration and celebration in the form of live entertainment, parties, and shared meals offering ample time to connect and enjoy. This element of community building is what makes RAAD Fest so welcoming to a broad audience of radical life extension enthusiasts, advocates and entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in attending RAAD Fest 2017 then visit their website www.raadfest.com




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