In 2014, Chase Life Extension Foundation Ltd, assigned Abich Laboratories in Italy to perform in vivo testing on One Truth Serum with TAM-818.

The main purpose – to evaluate its anti-wrinkle efficacy and its capability in improving the skin elasticity and firmness on 100 healthy volunteers aged 36 to 65.

Abich Labs used a derma TOP-blue di Eotech in-vivo 3D scanner to provide precise and reproducible measurements of human skin and to ensure reliable and accurate positioning for several skin scanning sessions over a period of 30 days.

After 30 days of twice daily use on 100 volunteers, One Truth Serum with TAM-818 demonstrated:

The smoothing of forehead wrinkles by 14.04%, and likewise crow’s feet wrinkles smoothed by 11.07%

Skin looked firmer by 20.33% and skin’s elasticity visibly improved by 8.33%

The results of this Abich report showed all variations were “Statistically Significant”.

Other Abich reports showed that One Truth Serum with TAM-818 was non- sensitizing, non-irritant, non-toxic and non-mutagenic.

To download full Abich Laboratories Independent Clinical Trial reports click below:

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