Greg, Feeling 18 Years Younger After Using Rewind IGF-1!

I am 58 years old, just a youngster by some standards but I’m not afraid to admit I HATE AGING!!! It stinks! I run about 5km / day and pride myself on my diet and appearance but I was getting to the point where no matter what I did my body was looking older and older! I would run 5k and catch a glimpse of myself getting out of the shower and think “It’s Just not fair” my son drinks, smokes and hasn’t exercised a day in his life and he looks great. Why can’t I look like that again?

Since using Rewind IGF-1 my running feels great. My skin looks thicker and more youthful, and Rewind IGF-1 has been a great support for my muscle tone Yesterday my daughter told me that one of her friends had asked about me not knowing I was her dad. That made my week!

Greg, 58 years old but now feeling 40