Oxygen saturation is a biomarker of aging in humans.  As we age our ability to absorb oxygen declines.

This leads to a decrease in our molecular oxygen saturation levels which are vital to good health and disease prevention. Coupled with (often) an accumulation of toxins which also decrease oxygen levels and increase anaerobic microbes – our low oxygen levels are causing ill-health.

Most cells in the body are able to switch from aerobic to anaerobic respiration when necessary. But they are generally not able to continue producing energy by this process for very long. Bio-Active Carbon Complexes can help with our oxygen saturation and helping this demand for oxygen.

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and a high user of Oxygen. A higher oxygen content enables the body’s cells and processes to perform at a higher rate. This means that the bodies capabilities increase when more oxygen is available. The molecular oxygen in our BioActive Carbon Complexes is used as an electron acceptor in mitochondria to generate chemical energy.

In our body, energy is needed to digest food, circulate blood, deliver nutrients, eliminate toxins, perform organ functions, exercise, think thoughts and conduct all other activities. Oxygen cleans and detoxifies the blood and tissues, it burns off cellular waste. It is essential in combating invading organisms and viruses. Molecular oxygen soothes inflammation and pain.

The presence of molecular oxygen helps tissues heal. It also helps us deal with life’s stresses. Without ample oxygen, tissues accumulate toxins through cellular respiration forming metabolic waste. There could also be a chronic low-grade infection by viruses, bacteria, candida yeast or other larger parasites. Any of these also can give off toxins consuming oxygen and thus exacerbating ill health.

The purpose of carrying oxygen by the red blood cells from the lungs to the deeper parts of the body, is to burn up, or oxidize, these waste materials and toxins which would otherwise poison our cells. When they are burnt, or oxidized, they become almost harmless.