We are very excited to announce a new exclusive video series with some of the worlds leading scientists, researchers and life extension activists.

Throughout 2018 we will bring you interviews with people leading their fields, like Dr. Kristen Comella (Stem Cell Therapy), Dr. Mark Gordon (Hormone Replenishment) Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos (Regenerative Therapies) and James Strole (People Unlimited Coalition).

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In our first video we spoke to Steve Matlin of Life Length, the world’s number 1 Telomere testing facility.  Click the video below to watch a short segment of the video or to watch the FULL VIDEO click here.


Telomere length is a proven biomarker of aging.  Aging is not just about our genes, it’s about where we live and how we live.  We need biomarkers to know how we are doing in general because as we age there becomes a huge diversion between different people.

To measure these differences we look at biomarkers such as blood pressure, resting pulse, cholesterol, diabetes detection.  But measuring Telomeres (tips of your chromosomes) is the main cause for aging.  And Steve Matlin’s company Life Length is the best place in the world to get these Telomere’s accurately tested.

Having short Telomere’s doesn’t mean you are going to die right now.  But it does mean you are at greater risk.

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