There are many simple interventions you can do to influence your telomeres. Obviously diet, your lifestyle, even talking the dog for a long walk can have a positive effect.

Humans are animals before we are people. We have large bodies underneath us that need exercising, sitting in front of a TV for 10 hours a day simply won’t cut it.

If you haven’t already watched this interview with Steve Matlin from Life Length, then CLICK HERE to watch the full video now.

Steve explains how Telomere testing reflects your lifestyle up to now as well as your genetic inheritance. It gives you a biological age, you may be 50, but your biological age is 55.

Once you know this information you can go about managing your lifestyle, your diet, exercise, stress levels and so on. Do simple things that take you away from stress in your personal and professional life, and that’s the first step in improving health and of course the rate of Telomere attrition.

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