IGF-1…Isn’t that what the body builders use?

Absolutely! If they are smart! The thing you should know about bodybuilders – and I am generalizing of course -is for the most part body builders will take any thing and every thing that will give them 1 of 3 things: 

Increased lean muscle

Decreased body fat

Increased energy levels

And IGF-1 does a pretty nice job on all three counts. So the fact that bodybuilders bother with it at all is a testament to its effectiveness because remember what they want is extreme compared to most.

So yes, IGF-1 works very well and for this reason body builders do use it and they use all forms of it from the pharmaceutical grade prescription only type (when they can afford it) to the synthetically altered versions such as R-long to the natural deer antler extracts found in Rewind and in all cases they find it to be very effective.

If you think that you will wake up one morning looking like the incredible hulk by taking Rewind, then don’t worry because you won’t. That sort of extreme musculature does not just happen by accident. Those guys and girls take way more than the recommended dose for anti-aging and I mean WAY more, not to mention all the other performance enhancing substances that they also take.

And as for women thinking “I don’t want more lean muscle” remember that it also firms and tightens your muscles as well as stripping body fat, I doubt anyone would be unhappy with that result.

And to answer the obvious question for those of you who might be thinking “I could do with a better 6 pack this summer” or “I could use a little more muscle on my biceps” yes more is better when it comes to the Deer Antler extracts and Rewind for example can be used safely at over 10 times the recommended dose if that is something that you feel like doing but remember, the results that you get are not linear and you could end up having to take 5 times more to get twice the effect this becomes more and more pronounced the higher you take the dosage.

Personally I take twice the recommended dose and think that going any higher would be a waste of money, but you can always experiment for yourself as it is safe at any level.

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