Detox with our entire range of Elixigene products including Colon & Gastric, Liver & Kidney, Lymphatic System, Maintain for restoring body balance and Complete Detox for Heavy Metal elimination.

Our naturally chelating compounds, derived from different carbon sources including our proprietary extraction method from Fulvic Acid, cover the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines with a film and thereby hinder the attachment of foreign chemical and microbial substances. They have a protective effect that can alleviate inflammatory processes in the mucosa membranes and, thereby bring about quicker healing. It also can prevent harmful substances from overflowing the bowels during the metabolic process. The binding quality of these compounds act as a protection against heavy metals, fungal toxins, by-products of bacteria and viruses. They can intercept these harmful substances and move them out before they can cause an illness.

Food changes, nutritional deficiencies and symptoms of dietary deficiencies lead to illness. Taking our Detox products can directly counteract poor nutritional utilisation and improve the intake of macro and micro elements. Direct contact of these Compounds with the special cells of the intestinal mucosa leads to an activation of the body’s own defence mechanisms. The healing process can be accelerated and the immune system stabilised.

This range of products are used to improve your general state of health and wellbeing by correcting stomach, intestinal and metabolic disorders. As well as undoing daily stress and the effect of pollutants in your body.

  • Binds pollutants and toxins in the body so the body cannot absorb them
  • Improves gastrointestinal and metabolic disorders
  • Used as a preventative measure against cellular damage
  • Restores optimal functioning of cells and digestive system
  • Acts as a preventive against further disease brought on by toxin stress and an inability to support your own immune system

About Colon & Gastric Detox

The buildup of mucous and toxins in your colon and gastric tract can keep your body from getting the nutrients it needs to function optimally.  Releasing these can improve blood circulation and boost your energy.  Trust our customised, proprietary Bio-Active Carbon Complex plus cascara sagrada and a proven blend of fibre and herbs to detoxify your digestive tract effectively and help rebuild ‘friendly’ bacteria. Read more…

About Liver & Kidney Detox

Your liver and kidneys are vital. They help process food, medications, alcohol and other substances that enter your body. These can pollute your liver and kidneys and stop them from functioning properly leading to toxins and waste entering your bloodstream. Trust Elixigene’s customised Bio-Active Carbon Complex plus N-acetyl cysteine, and a unique blend of plant remedies to detoxify your Liver and Kidney for peak performance. Read more…

About Lymphatic Detox

If you are constantly sick, gaining weight, have skin problems, or high stress levels your lymphatic system may have stopped working properly. When functioning properly your Lymphatic system will drain waste from every cell and organ in your body and recharge your energy levels and immune system. Elixigene’s customised bio-active carbon complex for Lymph detox is your perfect solution. Read more…

About 3-Step Total Detox – BEST SAVINGS!!!

The Total Detox Program contains the Colon & Gastric, Liver & Kidney, and the Lymphatic detox.  Each of the ingredients specially selected in our products target the particular organ it needs to cleanse. The Bio-Active Carbon Complex selected delivers it to the correct place. Our 90 day detox program is a gentle, yet effective one. There is no sudden ‘gush’ out of your body, we reverse and repair working with your own body to do so. Even better you don’t have to change anything you do which makes it easy. The only thing you will notice is the results. Read more…

About Maintain Detox – Restore Body Balance

Highly concentrated with over 70 plant derived trace minerals, phytochemical antioxidants, beneficial enzymes and amino acids. This daily use customised, proprietary Bio-Active Carbon Complex delivers nutrients, oxygen and electrolytes through the cell membrane to restore your normal chemical balance and detoxify as require. Use Maintain daily to balance, energize and restore optimal performance. Read more…

About Complete Detox – Eliminate Heavy Metals

Elixigene’s Bio-active Carbon Complex for Complete Detox has the ability to tightly bind pollutants in the body. Toxins are not absorbed then are excreted before a damaging effect may occur. Complete Detox is perfect for the release and prevention of heavy metals and people with high toxicity levels. It can improve gastrointestinal and metabolic disorders, diarrheal diseases and gastroenteritis. Read more…