Bio-Active Carbon Complexes are food for our cell and in particular our Mitochondria health – the powerhouse energy source of each cell.

Made from plant derived trace minerals and enhanced using Nobel Prize Winning Nano-Technology methods to increase effectiveness of each ingredient. Our proprietary Bio-Active Carbon Complexes are unique and multi- functional.

They detoxify by binding to toxins, heavy metals, yeasts, parasites (depending on our chosen formula and goal of each product) and remove the unwanted waste from your body. Our Nano-technology has multiplied the amount of stabilised oxygen that can be delivered into each cell and significantly increases molecular oxygen saturation.

Your bodies ‘good’ microbes are oxygen loving (aerobic) and your ‘bad’ microbes dislike high oxygen levels (anaerobic). these Anaerobic microbes are responsible for many ailments and diseases. You can change the landscape of microbes within your body simply by increasing your molecular oxygen levels.

Why Carbon? 

Carbon is the basic building block to most cells and cellular activity in the body.

Carbon helps with cellular respiration and is also used in the body within the respiratory system.

  • Works to destroy acid in body fluids, as well as increasing oxygen in blood
  • It increases absorption of oxygen in the cells
  • It performs healing functions throughout the body
  • Works to destroy acid in body fluids, as well as increasing oxygen in blood
  • It has powerful, natural anti-fungal and anti-biotic properties
  • Speeds up recovery rate from injury, stress and strenuous exercise
  • Mitochondria food and health