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Won’t a cure for ageing mean massive over-population?

Here at One Truth 818 we are serious about funding research that will eventually lead to all people everywhere living a longer, healthier life, but you wouldn’t believe how many people think that living longer would actually be a bad thing. These people site all kinds of reasons but chief among them are massive overpopulation […]

New Research: Longer telomeres make you look younger.

A recent study by Yiqiang Zhan and Sara Hagg of Biobank UK found that there is a direct correlation between Telomere length and a more youthful appearance. In a study using 417,772 customers of Biobank UK, all of whom had already had their genomes sequenced. The participants were then asked “Do people say that you […]

Gravity is working against us

Gravity is a scientific fact.  John Mayer sings a beautiful song about it. So when did it become something negative?  I’m talking about ageing – and noticing gravity in all sorts of different ways! Gravity is only partly to blame of course, the main reason is loss of elastin and collagen in the skin which […]

One Truth 818 – Our Story

One Truth 818 Scientific Skincare range holds the key to ever lasting youth.  Based on Nobel prize winning research it exclusively contains the world’s most powerful age reversing compound.  The One Truth 818 skincare revolution is the collaboration of a renowned entrepreneur and beauty industry expert and ground breaking scientific research, creating what many are […]

Are Your Stress Levels Causing Premature Ageing

Anxiety, overwhelm and mental exhaustion are all signs your stress levels are too high. But is it all just in your head? If you can make it through this current situation then no harm done, right? Wrong.  Sadly. Where you may mentally and emotional heal there is some damage to the body which can be […]

One Truth 818 Atomiser is OUT NOW!

We are VERY excited to announce the launch of the second product in our One Truth range, One Truth 818 Atomiser. And what’s even better is that each bottle of this amazing Atomiser is only $89.00 NZD for a one month supply! The One Truth 818 Atomiser is an oil-free hydrating formula, ideal for dehydrated […]

Dr. Alex Paziotopoulos Interview – Pazio Institute

In this interview Chase Life Extension Foundation CEO Rachael D’Aguiar talks with Dr. Alex Paziotopoulos about how he strives to be a healer for his patients. He approaches problems with a solution-based mindset, integrating the physical, mental and emotional health of his patients into the healing process. Watch the FULL interview by clicking here now