The 3-Step Elixigene Detox includes a detox for Colon & Gastric (Step 1), Liver & Kidney (Step 2) and Lymphatic System (Step 3).  

Each of the ingredients specially selected in our products target the particular organ it needs to cleanse. The Bio-Active Carbon Complex selected delivers it to the correct place e.g. the size of the active to penetrate a particular organ or to survive the acids in the stomach.

Our 90 day detox program is a gentle, yet effective one. There is no sudden ‘gush’ out of your body, we reverse and repair working with your own body to do so. Even better you don’t have to change anything you do which makes it easy. The only thing you will notice is the results.

If you cleanse your liver but not your Colon and Gastric system, you will continue to feed your liver toxins from your intestines which you ignored. And when you detox your liver, who looks after all those toxins? Your lymphatic system has to deal with that. You end up putting pressure on your lymph and blood without assisting that. Your body is one great system all working together and should be treated accordingly. Our system starts from the top and works its way down. From Colon/Gastric to Liver/ Kidney and finally Lymphatic.

No matter how hard you try you will be breathing, eating and absorbing toxins into your body and bloodstream. Everyone can benefit from a Detoxifying program. We recommend you do the 3 month program annually and continue to use our Maintain ‘Daily Balance’ product year round. This gently cleanses and oxygenates you to maintain the results from your detox and assist you to optimal performance every day.

We recommend that you use the 3-Step Detox System for Colon & Gastric, Liver & Kidney and Lymphatic System for optimal results and for BEST SAVINGS. You can also purchase each of these products individually.


The buildup of mucous and toxins in your colon and gastric tract can keep your body from getting the nutrients it needs to function optimally.  Releasing these can improve blood circulation and boost your energy.  Trust our customised, proprietary Bio-Active Carbon Complex plus cascara sagrada and a proven blend of fibre and herbs to detoxify your digestive tract effectively and help rebuild ‘friendly’ bacteria. Read more…


Your liver and kidneys are vital. They help process food, medications, alcohol and other substances that enter your body. These can pollute your liver and kidneys and stop them from functioning properly leading to toxins and waste entering your bloodstream. Trust Elixigene’s customised Bio-Active Carbon Complex plus N-acetyl cysteine, and a unique blend of plant remedies to detoxify your Liver and Kidney for peak performance. Read more…


If you are constantly sick, gaining weight, have skin problems, or high stress levels your lymphatic system may have stopped working properly. When functioning properly your Lymphatic system will drain waste from every cell and organ in your body and recharge your energy levels and immune system. Elixigene’s customised bio-active carbon complex for Lymph detox is your perfect solution. Read more…