CLEF Director Rachael D’Aguiar, Pandora Next Woman of the Year

Could a Young New Zealand Entrepreneur Trying to Cure Ageing Be the Next Pandora Woman of The Year in 2016?

One of New Zealand’s most well respected beauty industry experts, Rachael D’Aguiar, has been selected as a finalist in the 2016 Pandora Next Woman of the Year Awards.

As one of five finalists in the Business and Innovation category of the awards, Rachael (40) is set to find out if she has won the coveted award at a Glitz and Glamour cocktail event on 13th October.

Rachael’s entrepreneurial achievements may fly under the radar for the most part, but in the global anti-ageing community she has quickly carved herself a reputation, and ruffled a few feathers, as one of the leading experts in the field of Life Extension and is questionably one of the largest philanthropists, giving back 40% of her companies revenue (Chase Life Extension Foundation – CLEF) to help eradicate age related diseases such as alzheimer’s, dementia, macular degeneration and altogether poor health in a person’s twilight years.

In August this year she was the only non-American invited to the inaugral RAAD Fest in San Diego as a panel moderator where she spoke to an audience of over 1000 Life Extensionists. She is now a member of their advisory panel and plans to present the results of her current clinical trial being conducted in conjunction with the University of Auckland at next year’s event.

In 2013 CLEF was founded on the smell of an oily rag. The company’s philosophy was to only bring anti-ageing products to market that actually did what they said they would do, and were backed up with irrefutable, clinical evidence. One of Rachael’s first targets was to find compounds that could slow or reverse the ageing of the bodies largest organ, skin. So when the opportunity to work with world renowned telomere biologist, Dr Bill Andrews presented itself, she secured the global rights to the world’s most powerful anti-ageing compound known as TAM-818 (Telomerase Activating Molecule) and the two now work as a team.

Telomeres are undisputed as the ‘clock of ageing’ in the human body.  When cells become senescent (die) it is because their telomeres (the tips on your DNA) are too short for the cell to successfully divide again.  Each cell of your body has a finite life, so increasing the turnover and rate of cell division in your skin is actually causing it to age faster.  Knowledge of telomeres becoming mainstream is redefining how skin professionals and consumers view ‘anti-ageing’ regimes and products.  Dr Andrews has spent 12 years and over $33 million dollars screening molecules to discover (both natural and synthetic) telomerase activators.  Telomerase activators literally switch on a dormant gene in each cell called ‘telomerase’ (Dr Andrews is awarded as actually discovering this gene) to express an enzyme, also called telomerase.  When telomerase is expressed it re-lengthens the telomere.  Depending on how much telomerase is expressed ageing can be slowed down, halted and even reversed: as Harvard scientists proved in a experiment using mice and actually making them younger again!

Containing TAM-818, Rachael developed a serum, known today as ‘One Truth 818’, and commissioned it to be independently, clinically tested in Italy at Abich laboratories which wielded impressive, visible age reversal.  One Truth 818 Serum is stocked in over 80 NZ clinics and has exclusive distribution networks representing it in 9 other countries.

“I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 20 years, and in that time I’ve seen a lot of companies selling snake oil or short term fixes for their customers,” says D’Aguiar. “But it’s not anti-ageing, and in fact what most products are doing are ageing people faster by blasting, melting or peeling skin off, speeding up cell division. TAM-818 is just the first of many revolutionary products that CLEF is developing to change the face of the anti-ageing industry. It’s the way of the future, it’s what people are looking for, and I think the big cosmetic companies need to stand up and take note that their customers are becoming more educated. They cannot continue to take comsumers money to the detriment of their skin!”

Rachael, the daughter of a kindergarten teacher and a mechanic, is a mother of two children under six.  A former beauty therapist, after 2 years of developing her clinic from a home base she opened a large multi-serviced hair, skin and nails business in Auckland.  During her 10 years of operation she and her husband, Chris brought the Worldwide Salon Marketing franchise to NZ and she created and authored ‘The Salon Staff Coach’ program successfully used in New Zealand and Australia by salon owners and managers. Rachael is also a trained and qualified professional actress who has starred in many New Zealand dramas such as Shortland Street, Mercy Peak and Homeward Bound as well as being the former voice of Whitcoulls and a Huggies Mum.