Cayla shares her incredible experience since using Rewind IGF-1

Recently we received this amazing email from Cayla in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.  Cayla has become a part of a long list of thousands of happy Rewind IGF-1 customers experiencing benefits like this. It makes the team at Chase Life Extension Foundation incredibly happy to hear stories like this, so if you have had a similar experience then please feel free to share with us!  Here is what Cayla says word for word in her email to us…

“For 6 years, I have been suffering through the chronic pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia. Low energy, debilitating pain, brain fog, depression, social isolation and exercise intolerance among the many other ongoing and over lapping symptoms. This condition was having unbearable effects on mine and my fiancées day to day life. Prompting a career change for us both as a result of unnecessary stress on our relationship and a heavy reliance on him.

Over this time, we have spent huge amounts of time and money visiting numerous doctors, naturopaths and physios and have tried every possible treatment under the sun. All of this, with no significant reduction in and pain and have been left frustrated, out of pocket, and rapidly developing depression symptoms.

I had no expectation of results from this product, as everything I had tried had left me disappointed. I have been taking Rewind IGF-1 for three months.

By day two, I noticed a significant difference! During the first month, I noticed that my exercise tolerance increased and I was able to increase my walking, pilates and introduce running with next to no additional pain. My energy levels have improved immensely and I am able to do the activities I enjoy. I wake in the morning feeling agile and energized and full of life!

After the first month, I stopped taking Rewind IGF-1 for two weeks. Within these two weeks, I had increased symptoms, pain, fatigue and irritability. It also affected my ability to carry on with my exercise which we all know is a key part to a healthy body and mind. By the end of those two weeks, I had all my previous symptoms back and knew I had to get my hands back on Rewind IGF-1. Again, after only two days, I noticed most of my symptoms disperse and have not had to look back since.

Rewind IGF-1 has completely transformed my life, my relationship and my goals for the future. My symptoms are minimal and manageable and I have gone from thinking that I have a lifelong and debilitating condition to feeling happy positive, easy going and stress free. I am a changed woman! I will take this product for the rest of my life and will recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone suffering with similar symptoms!”

Cayla, 27


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10 Year old Kiwi girl shocks her mum with her knowledge of how humans age!

A 10 year old kiwi girl called Madelyn recently surprised her mum by sharing with her the reasons why humans age.  Madelyns mum had been along to our Wellington One Truth 818 seminar and listened to Dr Bill Andrews speak. Her babysitter fell through so she decided to bring along her daughter. Madelyn sat very quietly through the whole thing, which you would normally think would be very boring for a 10 year old. BUT….. This is what she did the next day without her mum knowing. She wrote a book called “14 fascinating facts about ageing!” On the last page you will read by Madelyn – inspired by Dr Bill Andrews.

Sometimes kids just explain things better than grown ups. We think this is pretty cool, we have a budding young kiwi scientist in the making! We hope this lightens your day as much as it did for us.

If you can’t view the pages below you can also click these links to read Madelyns book on the ‘Truth about Ageing’

Page 1 Cover page

Page 2 ’14 Facts about Ageing’

Page 3 and 4 ’14 Facts about Ageing’ cont…

Page 5 and 6 ’14 Facts about Ageing and credits’

Page 1 Ageing facts


Page 2 Ageing facts

Page 3 Ageing facts

Page 4 Ageing Facts