The Difference between Rewind IGF-1 and Deer Velvet

We are frequently asked how Rewind IGF-1 is different from ‘deer velvet’ products that claim to also have IGF-1. The answer is ‘completely different’ and here’s why.

Yes, The IGF-1 in Rewind is an extract from Deer velvet. But, What makes rewind different to any other Deer Velvet product in the world is the method used to extract the youth matrix from the deer antler, this is a real challenge for many reasons.

IGF-1 is a very delicate and complex series of amino acids joined end to end in a very long delicate chain, if even 1 amino acid is cleaved from the chain or degraded in any way the message is lost and the hormone rendered completely useless, the key then is to extract the IGF-1 without damaging it, to do this we leave the IGF-1 in its natural youth matrix which is cellular material, vitamins minerals and other growth factors, fortunately IGF-1 is extremely potent so a lot of the other components of the deer antler can be left in the extract without diluting the IGF-1, 500ng of IGF-1 is a very potent dose but a ng (nanogram) is only 1 Billionth of a gram so there is no need to purify it any further which is just as well because due to its delicate structure this would not be possible.

Our extraction process uses no heat what so ever and avoids super cold temperatures also leaving the IGF-1 100% intact and bioavailable.

Our IGF-1 comes from the antlers of the Red Stag found in the South Island of New Zealand (they are not harmed at all in the process). The IGF-1 in these Deer antlers is 100% bio identical to the IGF-1 Produced naturally inside the human body, it is closer in structure to that of pharmaceutical IGF-1 meaning it is completely side effect free and you cannot build up a tolerance to it.


Regular deer velvet for example has not been concentrated and contains only a small fraction of the IGF-1 in Rewind then to make matters worse it is dried (heated) degrading what little IGF-1 there is and then to top it off you are told to swallow it insuring that if any IGF-1 made it through it will be destroyed by your stomach acid.  Thats why Rewind is a sub-lingual lozenge, not only does it taste nice, it is the most effective method of delivering the IGF-1 in to your system.

Other Extracts or Sprays are closer to the mark and while almost none contain anywhere near the IGF-1 present in Rewind some do claim to. What they don’t disclose is that the IGF-1 has been stripped of its protective environment leaving it vulnerable to damage and degradation, such preparations need to be very carefully stored and refrigerated making it very unlikely that by the time you get your hands on it, it will live up to even a fraction of the label claim.

So what kind of benefits can you expect to get from using Rewind?

Thousands of customers tell us shortly after starting that the first things Rewind IGF-1 helps support are mental clarity and mood, energy, stress management and REM sleep. In fact, and they are amazed that they are feeling results so quickly compared to other supplements they have used.

Then within the first few months most notice Rewind supports their immune system, cardiovascular health, joint mobility and bones, skin elasticity and thickness, fat burning and libido.

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