The ultimate goal of the Chase Life Extension Foundation is to improve life and health span by bringing you a wide range of products that support a long and healthy life.

Our company’s roadmap is exciting not only to us but to everyone who believes they can enjoy their lives and families with a quality of life once only dreamed of.

CLEF’s first product, a natural sublingual IGF-1 lozenge called ‘Rewind’ has been a huge success with the many thousands of customers who use it. Now CLEF’s next product ‘One Truth Serum’ with TAM-818 is set to change the face of anti-ageing forever.

Founded in 2013, CLEF was created to change people’s beliefs about growing old.  We challenge the widely accepted premise that one must age and lose the ability to do the things they love.

There is no decree that states you must physically and mentally decline, so why subscribe to that theory?  There is certainly enough research and science to defy it and it is our mission to bring that to you.  CLEF is proud to work with highly regarded scientists including Dr. Bill Andrews PhD in bringing these highly effective products to you.

As of January 2017, Chase Life Extension Foundation (CLEF) has through sales of One Truth 818 Serum, proudly pledged $319,715.00 towards Sierra Sciences in Reno Nevada, to further their Telomere research and help to develop cures for many age-related diseases such as Alzheimers, Osteoporosis, Macular Degeneration, Cancer and much more.  Making CLEF the largest funder of Telomere research worldwide!

If you need a little inspiration listen to the opening speech of Chase Life Extension Foundation Director Rachael D’Aguiar at the RAAD Fest and find out how she never let’s fear stand in her way, an attitude that has seen her take her company Chase Life Extension Foundation from 3 people to a company that distributes it’s products exclusively in 9 territories globally!

Chase Life Extension Foundation is excited to announce that the Director and founder Rachael D’Aguiar has been selected as a finalist in the Pandora NEXT Woman of the Year Awards. Her most notable achievement was exclusively licensing the world’s most powerful Telomerase inducer known as TAM-818 from USA based research company Sierra Sciences and formulating this ingredient into a skin serum known as One Truth 818. Rachael, a strong humanitarian, invests 40% of CLEF’s revenue in to further research to help develop cures for many Age-related diseases such as Alzheimers, Macular Degeneration and Cancer.

It took 11 years of research and a $33 million investment by award-winning Telomere biologist Dr. Bill Andrews PhD and his team at Sierra Sciences – Finally, TAM-818 was discovered.

One Truth contains the active ingredient TAM-818, the strongest of nearly 300,000 compounds screened. The Truth is out.

Rewind IGF-1 is proven to have rejuvenating properties and may significantly support your energy levels.

Rewind also supports weight management and fat burning, supports cardiovascular health, healthy joints and mobility, useful in stressful times, supports libido and appearance. Read more…

Grab Dr. Bill Andrews’ book excerpt plus your copy of the One Truth 818 clinical trials and updates on our products.

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Chase Life Extension Foundation is excited to have actress Katherine Kennard as the face of One Truth 818 serum

Katherine, who has previously won best Actress at the NZ Film & Television Awards is one of Australasia’s top actresses starring in shows such as Bloodlines, Spartacus and Xena Warrior Princess.

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